About Us

Francesco GallarottiFrancesco Gallarotti – Software Engineer at mindSHIFT, a Long Island based Software Development company, Francesco has been primarily focused on ASP.NET development building custom enterprise e-commerce solutions. More recently, he has moved onto architecting, implementing and supporting custom Sitecore CMS solutions.

Francesco has got his BS and his MS in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. In 2003 he received the H. Lee Dennison Valedictorian Award and the Award for Academic Excellence in Computer Science.

When he is not in front of his computer, you can find Francesco either behind one of his old cameras taking pictures, reading his growing photo book collection, trying to learn Japanese, cooking a spicy curry or walking his dog around town. He loves taking long road trips with his wife and his dream is to, one day, retire in Japan, living in a traditional Japanese house with a view of the Fuji mountain.

Mickey RahmanMickey Rahman – Senior Technical Architect with over a decade of experience in building web applications. Mickey was introduced to web technology in its infancy, and has since been through many of the evolving trends of the web, starting from cgi-perl to java to asp classic/php and finally .NET framework. Mickey’s first love is databases, even though he graduated with a BS degree in Computer Science, and loves to mess with gobs of raw data.

Mickey currently holds the position of Senior Technical Architect at mindSHIFT, a Long Island based Software Development company. There he is primarily focused on architecting web solutions using the .NET framework, and more recently Sitecore Content Management Systems.

Mickey loves to travel, and can also be found here, and here.


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